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3D Laser Scanning Services Process

What is it?

Utilising non-contact, non-destructive laser technology, Commendium’s 3D scanner creates a “Point Cloud” of data that captures a physical object’s exact size, shape and relation to other objects. This is recorded as a digital 3D representation from a distance of up to 600 metres.

A rotating, tripod-mounted laser scanner records a point cloud during a 360 degree scan, capturing massive amounts of valuable survey data – far beyond that possible using traditional engineering methods.

The Benefits

  • Speed of survey – rapid survey times
  • Reduced time on site – minimal disruption to your daily processes
  • Highly accurate data – immediately accessible
  • Large coverage – 1.5m to 600m
  • Cost reduction
  • Increase productivity
  • Zero risk of damage to precious items as process is non-contact
  • Wide choice of output – 3D models, video, pointcloud, mesh


3D Laser Scanning is an emergent technology with significant implications across a range of industries:

  • Construction / Engineering
  • Emergency services
  • Media production
  • Insurance
  • Property management

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