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DigitalBoost Case Study – Celtic 3D

2017-06-19T09:58:02+00:00 Case Studies, Digital Marketing, News, SEO|

At the core of Celtic 3D is a stunning piece of software developed by Gavin that allows viewers to visualise in 3D an item they are considering purchasing. The viewer can move and turn the object to see it from all angles without any special software themselves, just a browser on a PC or mobile [...]

DigitalBoost Case Study – Rustic Simplicity

2017-06-19T09:58:02+00:00 Case Studies, News, SEO|

Anita and James are crafts people manufacturing furniture and uniquely Scottish souvenirs from old whiskey barrels. Being crafts people it it’s not too surprising that they have a solid foundation in ICT skills and have developed a comprehensive, agile and inspiring website for themselves. However, the world of online sales was not working as well [...]

DigitalBoost Case Study – Glasgow Green Apartments

2017-06-19T09:58:02+00:00 Case Studies, News, SEO|

Alan MacDonald started his holiday accommodation business over 10 years ago, offering short-term lets to holidaymakers in Glasgow and its surrounding areas. He has built the business up to include 12 apartments and is now offering accommodation in other Scottish cities and towns. When Commendium first got in contact with Alan under the DigitalBoost project, [...]

3D Cave Scanning: The challenges of 3D scanning underground

2017-06-19T09:58:02+00:00 3D Scanning|

Working in darkness Moving underground, without equipment, can be a challenge on its own. Add a £100,000's worth of 3D laser scanning equipment into the mix and it can test the mettle of most. Photogrammetry underground, in mines and caves, presents a lighting challenge that is matched by few other scenarios (short of filming [...]

3D Scanning Services Cumbria

2017-06-19T09:58:03+00:00 3D Scanning, Technology|

What is 3D laser scanning? A 3D scanner is a laser emitting device that analyses and records a real-world object or environment by collecting information on its x/y/z co-ordinates, shape, proximity and even its appearance (e.g. colour). The collected data can then be used to construct digital three-dimensional models. Commendium [...]

3D Imaging the world’s largest caves – INTERGEO 2015

2017-06-19T09:58:03+00:00 3D Scanning, News|

A discussion on what works underground Speaking at INTERGEO 2015, Richard Walters (CEO) described the challenges faced while scanning some of the worlds largest cave systems. This includes both hardware and software ideals, and where current equipment and technology measures against these ideals.  […]

3D Scanning Talk: Richard Walters speaks at Lidar 2015

2017-06-19T09:58:03+00:00 3D Scanning, News, Technology|

Richard Walters, our CEO, attended the Riegl Lidar 2015 User Conference in Hong Kong and Ghuangzhou hosted by Riegl in May 2015, to give a keynote talk. Richard spoke about his experience of finding the Cloud Ladder Hall cave, and the challenges of 3D mapping such a vast expanse - something that would not have [...]