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SharePoint and Office 365 setup migration

Technology should be invisible

Your systems and software should work together seamlessly to provide you with the tools and information you need to run your company. Our team of experienced business and IT staff work with you to identify the areas which are causing you headaches. Our solutions aim to improve and eliminate system problems, ensuring your IT delivers the information you need both quickly and efficiently. You are in safe hands, our award winning team have helped over 30,000 clients throughout the UK.

The Benefits

  • Increase in productivity
  • Streamlined and simplified processes
  • Cost savings
  • Improvements in system reliability
  • Higher returns
  • Robust customer intelligence and reporting

We cover

  • Office 365 – setup and migration
  • SharePoint – customisation
  • Microsoft Exchange – customisation
  • CRM – setup and design
  • VoIP – set-up and networking

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Microsoft Office 365

Migration to cloud based ICT

We help you make the move to the cloud, with Office 365 installation, migration, and customisation. We explain the pros and the cons, and of course, we will calculate your current costs to see if Office 365 is going to improve your ROI.

Microsoft Office 365 – The benefits

Risk reduction – by putting your email in the cloud critical data is protected from power outages, fires and floods.

Easily updated – updates are automatically carried out by Microsoft, which cuts down on the need for technical support.

Connect from anywhere without using a Virtual Private Network.

The whole suite is available on your smartphone and tablet, giving you up to date information wherever you are. SharePoint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Skype apps are included, which helps you run your business efficiently.

Manage your costs – increase or decrease number of users, with no more licencing upgrades to think about, plus unlimited storage.

Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange services

If you are currently using Microsoft SharePoint you will already be aware of its uses and the increased visibility it brings across your entire company.

SharePoint is a powerful tool that strengthens team collaboration, decision making and improves efficiencies. When connected to other business applications SharePoint can increase productivity and your ROI. This ability to connect to business applications, and customise SharePoint is usually where issues begin.

‘SharePoint is a great tool, but it could be better if only it had…..’

At this point you need to call us. We will work with you to improve SharePoint features and meet your specific requirements. The result, increased SharePoint functionality.


Client Relationship Management (CRM), the software that gathers all your customer information and helps you manage your invoicing, sales and marketing campaigns.

Everything you need to keep on top of your business, in one place.

We found that a Client Relationship Management system helped us to manage our customers, by giving us all the information we need at our fingertips and automating processes. How do Client Relationship Management systems help you run your business? The answer is, they simplify routine tasks, and bring improved visibility across your team. CRMs are available in many shapes and sizes, which means if you’re a micro business, we have CRMs to suit you and your budget, and should you require a substantial CRM, then we deliver those too. If you already have a CRM, but you wish it could do more, or you want to add functionality, we will customise your CRM and help you to obtain the best results from your system.

CRM systems ensure the smooth running of your business processes. We help you set up systems that fulfil your businesses requirements, making sure you have all your customer information at hand. This will help you to set up and deliver email campaigns quickly, check your customers buying habits, identify your best selling items, and share this information with the office staff you chose. Briefly, the benefit of having all this information in one place frees up your time and keeps you super organised. If you already have a CRM system, but it is not providing the information you need or is not working as efficiently as it should, we customise existing CRM systems. Systems tailored by us include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, and Microsoft SharePoint. Call us to sort out your applications and ensure your technology delivers the results your company needs.

In addition, if you require your CRM to work with another part of your IT system we can assist in that area too.