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What we do

Rest assured, you are in safe hands. Our award winning team have worked with 30,000 companies throughout the UK. Our ability to identify the right solutions to your business headaches and technology problems has grown the UK economy by £82m. Whatever your size of business, we find the best ways for you to reach out to new customers and track the effectiveness of your marketing activities. Information when you need it, where you need it, and a website that drives business to you. Solutions to all your business online and offline issues, delivered by a team that understand how business works. We will not baffle you with jargon and we always explain ‘what we are doing and why’ every step of the way.

Key Areas

  • Web design & development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics / lead tracking
  • Systems
  • Voice over IP
  • 3D laser scanning


Get your team up to speed on new software, update their knowledge, or expand their skills through training. Training improves staff retention and makes your workforce more flexible.

We have a team of experienced trainers and offer tailored training packages covering any areas that you want to focus on.

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Website Development

If your website is not bringing in new sales, then what is it doing for your business?
We all want our websites to look good, but ‘good looks’ alone are not going to drive sales. Here at Commendium we concentrate on content. Quality content answers the questions your potential customers might have about your service or product. Good content is vitally important when it comes to building your brand, and gaining the trust of potential consumers. Content is the main ingredient, it’s what attracts and sells, it’s what brings people to you site time and time again. Humans are emotional creatures, we often need to think about our options and weigh up the pros and cons before making the decision to buy. Good content helps to speed up that process and gives the customer confidence that you are a credible business.

Your site content needs to be integrated with your marketing campaigns, with links across all social media platforms. By adding share buttons to your articles, you encourage people to act as your marketing team by sharing your content and spreading the word about your products even further. We think about your bottom line. Our websites are built on business experience; and that experience comes from working with over 30,000 businesses like yours. Our websites are built to allow you to manage them yourself so you remain in control.

We want to know what your marketing strategy is, who your target audience is, and by working with you and your goals, our goal is to make you more sales.

Search engine optimisation

We think it’s fair to say that most of us understand that without good search engine optimisation your potential customers won’t even find your site, no matter how beautiful it looks. SEO is becoming more complex as the search engines develop fresh ways of ranking websites according to their perceived value. To make certain that the search engines understand your website correctly, it’s important to have good SEO practices in place. We can perform an SEO review on your site and let you know what needs to be done. We’ll even do it for you if you’d prefer.

Highly effective SEO is just as important as good quality content, potential customer will struggle to find you if your site is not optimised properly. Good SEO drives customers to your site, whereas bad (or in some cases no) SEO makes your website virtually invisible to search engines. Commendium has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping businesses of all sizes develop their website SEO. We don’t just do it, we explain WHY we do it.

For some ideas on what you can do to improve your website we’ve put together a small guide.

Website analytics and lead tracking

We can also include analytical software to monitor activity on your website. This shows you how your website visitors are finding you, which pages they visit, whether they completed a purchase or downloaded information and from which page they left your site. Tracking codes can easily be added to online ads and articles to show which are more effective in driving customer traffic to the site. Measuring and monitoring your sites effectiveness is the key to improving your online marketing, measuring your ROI and increasing your sales.

TESTIMONIAL: Commendium is a dynamic organisation and, without question, delivers. In terms of time saving systems, it means we can be with our customers rather than shut away in the office… it has dramatically improved our work/life balance.
Liam Berney, The Cottage in the Woods
TESTIMONIAL: We were able to build a new site and manage it without having to keep asking someone to do it for us. We have also developed our social media, using Facebook, Twitter, and Hootsuite. It is much quicker and easier to do bookings with the website system, doing it in-house.
With Commendium’s advice and assistance, every process had been speeded up and we have realised an increase in turnover.
Jane Farkins, The Eden Workshop
TESTIMONIAL: Having someone impartial to advise us helped a lot. Commendium highlighted new areas that we could work on, things we could do ourselves. The SEO was the biggest part of the help we received because it can be an absolute minefield.
Alan Oliver, Silloth Golf Club