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What our client’s have to say about our services…

“We have increased our turnover by 82% and have, so far realised about £18,000 in turnover increase due to Commendium. Their advice has helped us take on 2 new staff in the time they have been working with us and I have recommended Commendium to other local businesses.”
Steven Sharkey, Elite Fitness
“We have seen an increase in profit of £20,000 thanks to Commendium. The pending orders file has never been thicker!”
Liz, John Young Furnishings
“We have a seen an increase in profitability of £15,000.”
Amy Cosgrove, Equestrian Training Ltd
“Within the same day as I changed our website, per your instructions, and added a booking form. We had three booking enquiries from it!”
Linda , Alston Youth Hostel
“Originally, I needed help with focus keywords and Commendium explained what I needed to do and offered help in other areas. I have been able to work with Commendium on a one to one basis and the knowledge and skills have been invaluable in helping me to set up and improve my website, online profile etc.”
Lisa Simpson, Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance
“Just emailed you the statistics from our recent email campaign- almost 50% open rate! We have also had three enquiries as a result, and two confirmed bookings!”
Mel, Bread and Butter theatre
“With your advice and assistance, every process has been speeded up and we have realised an increase in turnover.”
Jane Farkins, The Eden Workshop
“We have realised approx £250,00 increase in GVA and we’ve taken on two additional staff members.”
Tracey Harris, Abbeyhorn Ltd
‘We are completely revising our communications strategy across all four of our main business areas. I approached Commendium and I can’t praise them highly enough. They gave us absolutely the right advice at the right time and directed us towards the right solutions.’
Roy Meredith, Alt Valley Community Trust
“Thanks guys, you increased my sales and now I’ve opened a shop of the high street too!”
Jo Dix, Silver Forge
“We realised that we needed to renew and refresh our web presence and after talking to a number of web designers we decided that Commendium were in the best position to provide us with what we desired, not only were they locally based but they also gave us the confidence that they could provide the professional advice and web design services that we were looking for and at a reasonable cost, so it was win win scenario. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the new website so we’re delighted, and of course very pleased that we decided to choose Commendium to be our web advisor and designer.”
Les Balmer, Metcalfe Plant Hire
“After your strategy for improving the SEO on the sites we run, sales have increased by 23% and mobile visitor retention rates have increased significantly too.”
Ryan Calvert , Deltawaite
“I was seeking advice on how I could operate my photographic business more efficiently and possibly expand my activities. It was refreshing to speak to Commendium about the hardware that I have been developing and they were quick to understand the ethos of what I do and suggest to me how it could be used and evolved.”
Ron Thomas, Photographer
“Great course today from Commendium thanks guys, Andrew was impressed, takes a lot to impress him, you know your stuff!”
Joanna , PictureUStudio
“Steve is truly an expert in the application of IT for business. His advice is already saving me hours of time and frustration. Steve makes what could be a minefield into a simple and understandable process – Excellent!”
Tracy Hunnam, Business Strategist and Introducer
“Commendium is a dynamic organisation and, without question, delivers. In terms of time saving systems, it means we can be with our customers rather than shut away in the office. Most important for small business owners, it has dramatically improved our work/life balance”
Liam Berney , The cottage in the Woods
‘I’ve learnt a lot about SEO, not just on the importance of it to our company, but also on how to operate it effectively. During the Commendium workshops, I was able to greatly improve my own skills with their support and guidance. It’s so important to our company that we are visible online’
Tom, Complete Site Safety
“It has been invaluable and we would definitely recommend Commendium’s services to other businesses, regardless of their field or level of expertise with digital media.”
Tony Taylor, Whitehaven Marina