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LiDAR Scanning and Photogrammetry

Commendium 3D scanning services use LiDAR and Drone technology to provide your company with accurate 3D data that fits seamlessly into your current working pipeline.

From creating impressive 3D visuals for documentaries and films, to give your production that ‘extra edge’, or scanning construction sites and locations for architectural projects, we are happy to assist. Our 3D scanning systems are being adopted across a wide array of fields such as, geo-tourism, media, construction firms, forensics, and manufacturing throughout the world.

Our services are unique because we really will go anywhere and scan anything and we will work to ensure the data we provide works for you in your environment.

Choose us…

  • We love a challenge and will go anywhere to scan anything
  • We make sure the data we provide fits your systems.

Big or small jobs, our response time is second to none, call us today and we can be on-site quickly to capture your 3D data from anywhere in the world.

3D Scanning for Construction, Archaeology, Architecture, Film and more...

LiDAR Survey and Photogrammetry – you tell us what to scan and where. Once your object or location has been scanned, we import the scanned data into industry-standard 3D software and create high-resolution full colour three-dimensional digital models.

What are digital scans used for? A vast range of applications, limited only by imagination, to give you an idea, recently our scans have been used in:

Archaeology – Recording setting, 3D scans of buildings, photogrammetric studies of artifacts or film and photography.

Engineering – Creating 3D printed models of machinery parts. Or reverse engineering parts to create CNC milling outputs.

Building and architectural works – Capturing information about the build and using the data to produce scans for CAD Autodesk software applications.

Planning departments – For restoration projects and redevelopment schemes.

Film industry – Film companies use our services for 3D models and special effect overlays.

Animation film – Preserving film props as digital assets or for printing purposes.

Gaming industry – Capturing models, terrains and scenes in the creation of reusable digital assets.

Homeowners and hotel owners – Capture a 3D scan of their building, be that for marketing purposes or for inspection, or simply to keep the modern-day equivalent of an aerial photograph.

Whatever size of your ‘object or project’, our LiDAR Survey and Photogrammetry services have plain and simple pricing structures available to suit everyone and each job, no matter of size or location is treated with the uppermost care and consideration. 

Commendium use a wide range of scanners - Reigl, Leica and Geoslam. 

To accurately scan caves, mines, buildings, sculptures, interiors, vehicles and more, to produce a highly accurate Point Cloud.

We then manipulate this Point Cloud to specialist software to produce visual and technical outputs. For example, outputting a scan of a building into AutoCad, or creating a 3D Model of a Tunnel for use in a presentation video or film.

Commendium use a wide range of DJI and Reigl drones with specialist software to create 3D Models of buildings, farmland, constructions sites, sites of Special Scientific Interest, coastland and more to create accurate photogrammetric models. The data is exported into a Point Cloud, Geo-referenced maps, elevation models or simply a photographic area map, with accurate elevation data. We also  create 3D representations for videos and presentations.

Commendium create and manipulate a huge range of 3D Data points and export into a range of 3D formats. AutoDesk has a range of software packages that we use extensively, including Revit, AutoCad, Civils 3D, 3DS Max and Recap Pro.

We turn the real world into highly accurate digital 3D models, drawings and videos.

Commendium survey all types of areas, buildings, terrain, and waterways to help you achieve your goals. Examples include; wildlife population surveys, roof surveys, land mass or excavation surveys and more.

We output the data in any format you require and can bring in one of our partners to verify and assist us on specialist jobs.

Our surveying technique is derived from the customers' goals, including: photography, 4k video, photogrammetry, modelling, or a combination of these. Furthermore, we can help you determine the statistics and data resulting from the survey imagery.

We scan anything, anywhere.

Commendium have a track record of working worldwide in: Singapore - Laos - Vietnam - China - Slovakia - USA Germany - Italy - Malaysia - Gibraltar and Oman