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Terrestrial LiDAR Surveys

Commendium uses modern laser surveying tools to acquire highly accurate 3D scans of landforms, buildings, geological features and many other subjects. Nothing beats Terrestrial LIDAR for precision scanning. 

Film Documentaries

LIDAR scans can be used to create the most incredible graphics for all sorts of media, help visualise 3D subjects on the screen and form the basis of VFX ready 3D digital assets. 

Bathymetric Surveys

Data Collection Using our bathymetric underwater surveying technology gives our engineers the ability to inspect water retention and riverbed features using specialist software.

Airborne Surveys

Commendium’s Civil Aviation Authority licensed commercial drone pilots collate aerial data from around the world. We can capture photogrammetric images, Aerial LiDAR and  broadcast quality film.

Construction Services

Laser scans of your projects and builds enable you to capture fast, accurate measurements of buildings whatever the complexity. We offer point cloud scans and full scan to BIM services.

Animation and VFX

Blending accurate LiDAR scanning, photogrammetric images, we can recreate VFX ready digital assets of real objects or vast scenery from real-world locations. Thereby recreate the world in digital 3D for realistic backdrops or main subjects for your films.  

Cave and Mine Surveys

We scan under ground in caves, mines and quarries. We specialise in places that are perceived to be hazardous, such as confined spaces, heights and extreme environments, all over the world.

LiDAR Pipe Surveys

Whilst LiDAR will almost always be the preferred method for gathering data, the size of the space, its regularity and what the space contains are all issues that effect the choice of approach. We tailor our methods to the project.

Based in The UK with worldwide coverage

Commendium have a track record of working worldwide in: Singapore - Laos - Vietnam - China - Slovenia - USA - Germany - Italy - Malaysia - Gibraltar - Spain - Oman - Belize - Thailand - France - Egypt

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