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Aerial Surveying - Cumbria

Commendium’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA SUA/SUSA) licensed commercial drone pilots collate aerial data from around the world, often in challenging environments. We perform aerial photogrammetircs and aerial LiDAR services and can capture broadcast-quality video. Using a drone gets results in the field very quickly and the outputs are simply stunning. We employ drones for:

  • Filming
  • Data Collection
  • Photography and photogrammetrics
  • Aerial photographs
  • BIM and stockpile modelling
  • 3D Models
  • Crowd and event analysis
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Ground classification
  • Woodland, crop, and livestock surveys
  • Assessing animal flight paths.

To find out how our drone service can benefit you and how we work, please contact Roo Walters’ team on 0330 119 0000 or by  using the form below: