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Are you moving towards a fully digitised workflow?

Why laser our scanning brings benefits

Laser scans of your projects and builds enable you to capture fast, accurate measurements of buildings whatever the complexity. Only digital scanning offers such a vast array of scope when it comes to application.

More time and understanding

3D Scanning gives you the accurate data you need, and with that accuracy, comes a thorough understanding of your current projects and builds. Your scan data can be used to carry out quality control checks and produce full-colour digital or 3D printed models. On a practical front, digital scanning saves time in on-site visits and highlights problems early in the project, which of course is invaluable.

Co-ordination and collaboration

We provide solutions to help you manage your digital scans, be that integration into augmented reality, visual effects, film, or building information modelling (BIM) building plans.


The 3D data we provide can allow you to measure all aspects of your site, for example volumes, areas and distances, reducing the time and manpower needed for estimation.

Keep things moving

Our outputs are focused on what you need and which software you are using. With our outputs your workflow continues interrupted, because we produce the files in the format you require, be that for Autodesk’s suite, Revit, or Sketchup.


Digital scans are delivered to you in your chosen file format: STL, OBJ, FBX, COLLADA, 3DS, IGES; STEP, VRML/X3D and more. Because 3D files occasionally have the ability to be stubborn when importing, we help you to get those files opened and working perfectly on your software suite.

pooley_bridge_ cumbria_commendiu_3d_scan_survey