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Think back in time and recall memories of objects, places, buildings, and landmarks that you loved. Halcyon days indeed. Could you go back to those places and show your children and grandchildren how it once looked? In most cases probably not, as towns and countries all around the world start to change with the development of characterless highstreets littered chain stores, sadly everything starts to look the same.

Imagine if we could capture what we once had, stored safely in full glorious colour and in 3D.

Props and scenes

Filmmakers spend a huge amount of time on props, scenes, locations and the amount of detail and research is quite simply amazing on sets such as ‘War & Peace’ and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, to name just a couple.

Props and sets are stored away to be kept safe for perhaps future use, or maybe future auctions of iconic items. But what happens if there is a fire, or flooding – or simply if the props have been damaged in transit. How can continuity be upheld if the scene or object has been lost? Would 3D scanning really capture everything and save a disaster from happening? The answer is yes. 3D scanning reproduces an exact digital copy in full colour of whatever you want to record.

Animation digital modelling

Character scanning is also possible, take a real model and turn it into a digital asset that can then be modelled, moved and imposed for future productions to use in CGI, and digital landscapes.

Perfect scans

LIDAR scans are the most cost-effective and accurate method of digitising when you need a perfect record. Combined with the latest software the results are spot on. All scanned data is formatted to integrate with the software systems you use, whether that’s a VFX system, a design tool, 3D imaging system or a film. We also produce ‘end-user’ outputs where required.

The scan data provides you with:

  • full-colour digital models
  • physical printed models
  • 3D virtual models
  • Augmented reality integration
  • Virtual reality simulations
  • Holograms.


Digital scans are delivered to you in your chosen file format: STL, OBJ, FBX, COLLADA, 3DS, IGES; STEP, VRML/X3D and more. Because 3D files occasionally have the ability to be stubborn when importing, we help you to get those files opened and working perfectly on your software suite.

Film and CGI LiDAR Scanning