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Capturing Details for Animation, Film, and VFX

Terrestrial LiDAR scanning (TLS) offers an incredible opportunity to capture the world around us with remarkable precision, enabling us to create accurate and immersive 3D representations. Through LiDAR scanning, we can capture even the most intricate details of historical sites, landmarks, objects, terrains, and architectural wonders. By precisely collecting data, scanning enables us to resurrect objects in their full three-dimensional glory. LiDAR scanning provides vivid visual representations of the world around us.

Save your props and scenes

Take a peek behind the scenes of the cinematic world and witness the dedication and meticulousness invested in props, scenes, and locations. These invaluable props and sets are carefully stored, safeguarded for future use, or perhaps destined for iconic auctions. However, what if a disaster strikes? How can continuity be maintained if a scene or object is lost forever? Fortunately, the solution lies in the capabilities of 3D scanning. By scanning objects and scenes, we can create precise digital replicas that capture every intricate detail in vivid full color.


Animation and Digital Modeling

The benefits of scanning extend beyond inanimate objects. Even living models can be transformed into digital assets, ready to be manipulated and placed within CGI and digital landscapes for future productions.

Perfect Scans

When perfection is demanded, LIDAR scans deliver. They not only provide the most accurate method of digitizing but are also cost-effective. When combined with cutting-edge software, the results are impeccable. All scanned data is meticulously formatted to seamlessly integrate with your preferred software systems, whether you’re working with VFX, design tools, 3D imaging, or film.


Scanned data gives you a range of options:

Our scan data offers a range of options:

  • Full color digital models
  • Printed models
  • Immersive animations and films
  • Capturing landscapes
  • Architectural details
  • Positioning of objects in film 3D environments – assisting in camera angles


Rest assured, our digital scans are delivered to you in your preferred file format. Whether you prefer STL, OBJ, FBX, COLLADA, 3DS, IGES, or any other format of your choice, we ensure compatibility and ease of use. We understand that importing 3D files can sometimes be challenging, so we offer our expertise to ensure that the files open flawlessly within your software suite.

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