Gilmerton Cove Tunnel Survey- 300m of secret cavern discovered underneath terraced house

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There are many hidden gems throughout the UK. Possibly one of the strangest is Gilmerton Cove in Edinburgh. No-one really knows how or why these strange tunnels were chipped out of the rock below Edinburgh’s busy streets, but there are many amusing stories to add to the mystery.
Gilmerton Cove commissioned Commendium to visit the tunnels and create a full-colour digital model of the workings for their records, for heritage, conservation and architectural reasons. This included visual representations to enable people, for whom a trip down a deep cold mine would not be attractive, to appreciate the work of the Victorian miners as well as models suitable for architectural and historical studies.

Glimerton Cove LiDAR Survey

In a single trip, Commendium staff laser scanned the tunnels workings with state of the art LIDAR laser scanning equipment and took over 1000 photographs, from which a highly detailed, colour digital model was built.
Commendium constructed a detailed digital 3D model of Gilmerton Cove and confirmed that at present the tunnels do not extend under the road, though it is clear they have in the past. The hight between the road surface and the tunnels was confirmed to be less than 0.5m, thus informing the cove of the need to consult with structural engineers to ensure safety. The format of the model was made so that it is available to Computer CGI applications, architectural packages and historical documentation.


Why Commendium?

We provide high quality, accurate LiDAR scanning services to help a wide range of industries visualise physical data. This data can be output in many different ways, from CAD drawings, to meshed models. Gilmerton Cove was a great example of what we can do, but we have plenty of other examples to show you.


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