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LiDAR 3d Scanning

Commendium uses the latest in laser technology to create 3D scans of almost anything, anywhere. Where precision is required, then terrestrial laser scanning methods is often the most appropriate method allowing us to create 3D that meet the demands of accuracy and interpretation required. Outputs may include:

  • Digital Evaluation Models (NMT/DEM/DSM)
  • Mapping
  • Ground Surface numerical data
  • Structural terrain classification by using LiDAR data
  • Creation of digital models in three dimensions

Commendium are especially skilled at translating LiDAR data into the software engines that clients wish to use and these may include

  • Detailed, 3D model of an object
  • Photographical panoramas
  • Slopes, space, displacement metrics
  • 3D models buildings with inventories
  • 3D animations, flights of any 3D model.

We are experts at collating 3d LiDAR data from remote or difficult to reach places and are happy to travel anywhere in the world. 

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