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3D scanning what is it good for?

Ever wondered what 3D scanning and the resulting 3D models are used for? We take a look at why photographs and traditional methods of capturing data are being superseded by 3D scans. When it comes to 3D scanning, there is more to it than printing out 3D models and producing CAD files, which is what we normally associate 3D scanning with. So why are more businesses and industries and individuals requesting 3D scans? In a nutshell 3D scans are a time-efficient and accurate way of capturing physical objects. Quite simply, you can digitise reality. Hollywood to the V&A Everyone, from Hollywood studios to museums are having their props and artefacts scanned for archiving purposes. Architects use 3D scans to capture data for remodelling, and the construction industry is quickly realising that 3D scans not only save time and money, they can be infinitely safer too when accessing areas of restricted access or hazards. What are the benefits that everyone is going wild about? The benefits, of which there are several present themselves like this. From the point of view of ‘time = money’. 3D scanning makes it possible to capture data quickly and accurately from the physical world, far quicker than traditional methods. Once your object has been scanned, that is it for posterity, you have essentially “digitized reality”. Your digital data can now be used for measuring, reproduction, comparisons, prototypes or simply stored safely for future references. How 3D scans work When you must get things right and there is a need to capture, preserve, or precisely measure, any object, ‘big or small’, then a 3D scan comes into its own. Our 3D scanners use light to measure, which means they are highly accurate and really- useful for measuring places with difficult access. In addition, the scans are non-destructive, which means your object is unaffected. 3D scans are used in many industries, from AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), creative professionals to homeowners. A 3D scan accurately captures a physical object or environmental feature by analysing the shape, appearance, and colour of the object, which it then turned it into a digital file. Here we take look at the fascinating ways that 3D scans are used across a mixture of industries, and and by Joan and Bob from the farm on the fell and Carrie, who owns the local art studio. Environmental Agriculture Climate change it is on all our…