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Practicalities of 3D scanning

3D scans useful in so many ways Our forte is our ability to combine data from the following different sources and technologies: Sonar, Bathymetry, LiDAR, and Photogrammetry. Promote your service with an exciting 3D interactive film or animation, or accurately measure your buildings or terrain. For speed and accuracy of capturing geospatial data, such as buildings, bridges, objects, and terrain. We give you asset management, 3D virtual films and surveys, and promotional marketing services too. The benefits of using our services are twofold “accuracy and speed.” 3D cameras vary in specifications; they are expensive and complicated to use regarding downloading and stitching the collected 3D data images. With our service, you tell us what you want and we do the work for you, from travelling to the location, capturing the data, processing your data, and passing you the finalised product. Our scans are precise to submillimetre distances, and can be used in a variety of scenarios, from forensics to wind turbines, terrain and building structures. Most recently we have been making 3D animated films to assist the tourist industry and engineering companies. 3D scans take your Quality control and quality assurance workflow to the next level of speed and accuracy. We quickly and accurately collect, process, and deliver your data even in hazardous and demanding conditions. Our data provides you with the ability to process, manage and collaborate more efficiently with greater detail. In addition to measuring benefits, your 3D data lends itself to immersive film and fly throughs giving you total “ real time” experience and clear views of your buildings, installations, and terrain.