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Surveying and scale plans in 3D illustrating speed and accuracy in Forensics

Traditionally forensic tools consisted of cameras, to take photos and videos and measuring tools, tape measures and measuring wheels. The problem with the traditional method is that it is a complicated and time consuming process. Time and complexity are not helpful when collecting information as quickly as possible. In traffic accidents, with fast moving and changing environments and crime scenes where deterioration of the scene can happen very quickly. Scanning is invaluable for capturing the scene quickly. To enable the fast and accurate collection of data there is a vast array of geospatial tools to capture vital forensic evidence and information. This information is helpful and can be relevant in court or for insurance purposes. 3D Surveying and scale plans illustrate accidents and crime scenes as pristine views of what exactly occurred. The 3D scans offer the ability to capture precise measurements, and record everything for prosperity and for further thorough analysis. Using multiple scan stations, and line of sight positioning of the scanner, we obtain every detail in perfect 3D precision. Dependent upon the type of scanner used, and your requirements, our Scans can be viewed in real time or taken away to be compiled, processed, and delivered to you; in which ever format you require. Scans lend themselves to measurements from every angle, allowing for clear and precise forensic information. Scans can easily be viewed as a walk-through; this Provides both inspectors and a jury insight into the scene that was not previously possible. Our 3D survey and scale plans are presented in colour, which adds to the immersion of the scene itself, and assists with both spatial and visual referencing of event. Our 3D captured models bring not only speed of delivery, but clarity and understanding to all your scenes.