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Building and Roof Survey by Drone

Building and roof surveys The cost of erecting scaffolding, ladders, lifts, and undertaking work at height comes with increased risk and expense. Try another option, our drone service. Our registered drone service may be applied to any building and is especially ideal for older tall buildings and areas of difficult access. All drone flights are carried out with minimum disruption to your daily routine. Why a drone is better Drones are flown into areas where there is little or no easy access and can zoom in close to view those delicate and sensitive areas. Areas such as glass roofs or decaying architectural work, where careful surveys are required are exactly where the drone excels. Drone surveys are highly accurate and do not require the intense preliminary work that traditional surveys need to undertake; such as abseiling services, ladders, scaffolding, pickers & lifts. Weather issues also come into play, drones do not like gusts of wind, but they have no issues with many of the weather conditions that call-off manual inspections. Drones can quickly put your mind at ease, by inspecting dilapidated, hard to reach, delicate building areas or roof problems. Big or small, surveying manually can be a complex and costly affair. Use our drone service to carry out useful surveys of your buildings. Our team of drones or (UAVs) are piloted by registered experienced operators, who have carried out work for civil engineering companies, homeowners, and filmmakers. Our drones fly up to a height of 120m and can cover miles of terrain, though typically we fly a lot closer and survey smaller areas. Our fleet of drones captures real-time information in full-colour high-definition (HD) clarity. The camera footage may be viewed live or stored digitally for closer inspection. We can cover outputs for use in a wide range of other applications. For reduced health & safety, environmentally friendly, highly maneuverable, quicker, and precise surveys call out the drones.