The Worlds Largest Cave – How 3D accidentally broke a world record, assisting National Geographic

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Commendium recently scanned the worlds largest cave to help understand these underworlds better.

Caves contain unique geological and meteorological records. Increasingly, the sediments they hold and the strata from which they are formed are being using to study and understand the Earth in ever more detail. They hold particularly valuable insights as they have been undisturbed erosion, be that due to human activity or natural meteorological processes. However, caves are dark, and so those parts that are beyond reach of the lights that speleologists can carry, have not been studied. Until now.
Commendium has been part of a worldwide project to LIDAR scan the great natural chambers of the world in order to create a data set for further study. To date fifteen have been completed. We visited and documents caves in The USA, Mexico, Belize, China, Oman, Malaysia, France and Spain. It involved full scale speleological expeditions to enter and explore these places.

Largest Caves in the World

Commendium constructed a detailed digital 3D model of the all the caves in a variety of formats. The data sets are being used to date events in the cave development and also to date deposits that are being used to reveal climate change records over the last million years. This is corroborated with data from other sources, such as Ice Caps Cores, to improve the worldwide understanding of climate change. Cave records will allow climate change studies to reach back almost ten times further than any other source. National Geographic funded one element of this project, from which Commendium helped to build an array of 3D interpretations to help their readers understand these wonderful places. A film of the worlds largest cave was made by Commendium and can be viewed on Youtube.

What we can do

Commendium are specialist in scanning subterranean worlds. We go to places no-one else dares to gather the data needed for a variety of diffeent projects.

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