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3D Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry looks quite easy, you can take a few photos and stitch them together with cheap readily available software and produce a 3D image. However, it is not that simple when your project requires accuracy and quality results.

Commendium have devised procedures for ensuring the best possible reproduction of your assets in varying weather conditions and scenarios. Employing skilled technicians, with high-quality software and accurate GPS we produce highly detailed scans and data of your project assets. You can count on us to deliver your 3D assets on time and to spec. 

 We used our processes to create:

  • 3D models for use in mobile and online gaming and storing gaming assets.
  • Assessment of buildings and structures
  • Reverse engineering of mechanical objects.
  • Museum artefacts capturing of and saving assets
  • Low impact species surveys
  • Create models of very difficult to reach places
  • 3D images for use in film and documentaries across the world.

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