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Commendium is a 3D data capture and processing company, specialising in working at short notice in places others will not.

We can turn this data into usable outputs for  construction drawings, film CGI, maps, 3D models, Autocad modelling and more.

We work with diverse industries, some of our recent projects have been:

  1. National Geographic TV Series, Drain the Oceans.
    • LiDAR scans of the entire cave for CGI modelling.
    • A photogrammetric model of the mountain above the cave
    • Photography and GNSS to accurately place the cave and chambers.
  2. Railway Construction
    • Archaeological Recording of buildings and sites
    • Photogrammetric mapping of sites
    • Autocad drawings of buildings and land
    • GNSS Surveying
  3. Racing Tracks
    • LiDAR and photogrammetric scanning of entire horse and greyhound racing facilities
    • 3D Autocad Modelling
    • Graphics modelling for a gaming engine
  4. Pipe Survey
    • Highly accurate GNSS survey
    • LiDAR survey of underground structures
    • Autocad drawings and maps
  5. Railway Remedial Works
    • LiDAR scanning to capture faults and inconsistencies on railway structures
    • GNSS survey to place features and elevation change.
    • Bathymetric survey to understand faults below river surface.


We work anywhere at any time, all over the world. Fill out the form to the right and we will get in touch as soon as we can.

If your enquiry is more urgent, please call 0330 119 0000 during office hours.

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